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Merchant Accounts
At the core of our service offering is the Merchant Account. Accept VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®, JCB, Diner's Club® cards at your business and see your revenue increase!

We'll help your business with the LOWEST credit card processing rates available. We'll educate you on the industry, help you understand your merchant account statement and give you the support you need.

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PDX Enterprise Solutions offers more than just merchant accounts. Merchants need additional services to enhance their business, protect their investment and grow their sales.
Check Processing
Are you looking to accept checks, but don't want to assume the high risks that go along? PDX Enterprise Solutions offers our merchants the ability to set up a check processing account which allows them to authorize a check within seconds without the need for specialized equipment.

For our current credit card processing customers who add this service, if a properly conforming check is returned by the bank, PDX Enterprise Solutions will reimburse your business for the amount up to $1500, dependent upon your plan.

Another benefit of our check processing service is that it allows you to accept checks without having to purchase any specialized equipment. We can offer a single piece of equipment that can process both checks and credit cards. You can run the check verification directly though your credit card terminal or even over the phone or Internet.

PDX Enterprise Solutions offers some of the highest approval rates in the check processing industry, and allows your business to accept checks from the United States, and Canada.

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Gift Cards
One of the easiest ways to increase sales for your business is to add Gift Cards to your processing. Gift Cards can be an easy way to generate new customers, and increase business sales.

With Gift Cards, from PDX Enterprise Solutions, our credit card processing customers can purchase cost efficient pre-designed gift card kits. Choose from a wide variety of pre-designed gift cards, and add your business name and address at no extra charge.

For those merchants who prefer to design their own gift cards, PDX Enterprise Solutions offers customized card packages at very reasonable rates. The one-color and full-color custom card kits include card design and printing, point of purchase marketing displays, and all necessary software updates to your existing PDX Enterprise Solutions processing equipment!

Increase your customer loyalty by adding a gift card program!
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