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We make credit card processing very easy for everyone, whether it's online or in person.

PDX Enterprise Solutions was founded on the principle that businesses should be able to purchase credit card machines and merchant accounts at a reasonable price and backed by great service. PDX Enterprise Solutions helps merchants and business of all types lower operating expenses. We are dedicated to bringing technology, personal customer service, and bargain pricing to the merchant bankcard business. As a business owner, you are in business to make money and we want you to retain as much as possible! No one starts a business to lose money or go bankrupt and we're here to provide you with the lowest credit card processing costs possible and to provide you with new services you can add to your business to increase your revenue.

We are headquartered in Portland, Oregon and our staff will personally visit your local business if you're in the metro area, and if you're not, you'll still receive the same great service. Our company philosophy is to give every customer a professional and personalized experience, whether or not you're local to us.

Our clients save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars per year in processing costs with our bargain pricing, bank direct merchant accounts, free payment gateway, free retail swipe software, low cost POS terminals, and low cost processing software.

Our highly experienced staff will perform a comprehensive analysis to better understand your business, your needs and where we can save you money and increase your revenue. Some merchant account providers just show clients rate charts and set up credit card processing systems, but we believe there's more to being a merchant account provider. Using best management practices, we assist business owners and managers in finding unique solutions for their credit card processing, website or marketing needs.

Regardless of your industry, we are here to help you accept credit cards, set up cashless systems and consult you on best practices.

Contact us today to join us or learn more on how we can help your business save money, increase revenue or improve your online presence!

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