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The advantage of working with PDX Enterprise Solutions is that you get great prices on all our services and products!
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Are you familiar with the term Interchange?

Interchange is the Visa® and MasterCard® pricing structure for the processing and funding of a credit card transaction. Prices are based on many different things including your industry type, monthly transaction volume, ticket size, way in which you accept cards and which of the various card types you accept.

We learn about your business and offer you a rate package that is customized to the way you do business. We don't tease you with a ridiculously low rate, we don't play games, we don't hide the true cost of processing. We give you the lowest rates to save you the most.

Our pricing is as competetive as any of "big boys" and with PDX Enterprise Solutions you get personalized service and a company that cares about you! For a complete list of all our prices and to put together a plan best suited for your business:

Are you a merchant that processes over $15,000 a month in credit card transactions? Contact us for a specialized program for high volume merchants.

Don't be taken in by a company that will give you a "FREE" terminal. What they are not telling you is that they have increased fees or even hidden fees that cost you more money than if you had just purchased the equipment. PDX Enterprise Solutions will always be up front and honest in our pricing and we always recommend you purchase the equipment you need. This option will save you A LOT of money!

All our equipment is new and the latest technology. Within the Portland metro area we will come to your business to set up and test the hardware and train you. If you're not local, we will ship the equipment to you (at our cost) and work with you over the phone for set up and training.

When we price equipment for you, we'll share with you the MSRP and take 10% off that price. When was the last time someone just gave you 10% off?!
Contact us to get a proper quote on any equipment you need.

Although we recommend purchasing your equipment outright, we recognize that some purchases are too big and leasing becomes the best solution. We have a great leasing program and our talented staff can assist you in leasing the equipment you need.

Contact us to work with us on your leasing needs.

Having a website is good. Having a website with lots of traffic is better. Having a website with lots of traffic that generates revenue for your business is best! PDX Enterprise Solutions will sit down with you, understand what you want from the Internet and build it for you. Our website packages are very competetive and what is important to note is the Search Engine Opitimization (SEO) and marketing options. You need the search engines to find you so they can drive traffic.

Basic Website
Get up and running, or update your existing website. A basic website includes 5 - 10 HTML pages.
Dynamic Website
Basic website + a blog + online forms + an additional 5 HTML pages.
E-Commerce Website
Dynamic website + online shopping cart. Price varies due to different requirements and number of products you offer.
Starting @
SEO Website
You need traffic and the search engines deliver. We'll make sure all the pages we develop are structured correctly so your site gets indexed quickly and correctly.
FREE (with any website package)
Website Hosting
You need a server to host your website. This is an optional service if you are already hosted.
Contact Us
SSL Certificate
Your e-commerce website needs to be secure to properly protect data and personal information.

For any of our web services
CONTACT US and we'll work closely with you to build a website that you'll be happy with.
Let us help you grow your business.

Are you a new merchant needing to accept credit cards at your business, or an established merchant already accepting credit cards? Contact us to get the best rates and best service.

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