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PDX Enterprise Solutions partners with businesses & organizations that share our ideals and have the same attention to their customers as we do.
Independent Accountants
The OAIA is an organization of accounting and tax professionals in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.
Oregon Association of Independent Accountants (OAIA)
PDX Advisory Group
PDX Enterprise Solutions is a proud member of this business group that is focused on building, cultivating and developing a large and diverse group of professional people who will continually refer business to each other.
PDX Advisory Group
ACH Federal
ACH payment processing services provided by ACH Federal are secure, reliable and cost-effective. Helping banks, credit unions and corporate billers by minimizing their cost per transaction while focusing on financial risk management, compliance and improved efficiency.
ACH Federal
Hispanic Chamber of e-Commerce
The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce (HISCEC) is an online Hispanic business association focused on promoting Hispanic businesses via the Internet and the use of e-business tools.
Hispanic Chamber of e-Commerce
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