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PDX Enterprise Solutions offers businesses of all industries and sizes, affordable, reliable merchant account services so they can begin credit card processing. Whether your business is only e-commerce, brick & mortar, mail order or a combination of all, there are many different merchant account services available, which vary depending on the specific needs of your business.

Cut costs, not corners! Our merchant services provide great value to businesses looking to save money on processing fees, while not sacrificing service or quality. Accept Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover®. Whether you currently accept credit cards, or want to start, we will help your business by providing you with the lowest credit card processing costs and increasing your revenue with new services for your customers. Features and benefits include:

 Same day approval for quick set-up.
 99% approval rates on applications.
 Continue to use your bank - no change in service, just better rates!
 Lowest guaranteed card processing rates.
 Industry experts to help your business succeed.
 Online account management.
 Toll free customer and technical support.
 Dedicated account manager.
 Next business day deposits to your bank account.
 Fraud protection.
 And many more great features!

If you are a new merchant that currently does not accept credit cards, or an established merchant wanting to lower your monthly processing costs, our highly experienced staff will provide you with a customized analysis based on your business and needs. We do all this with no hassle and no obligations on your part.

Simply stated: We want your business to succeed and we know we can save you money and give you great support!

Local or Not - We Can Save You Money
If you're a local business in the Portland, OR area we will happily visit your place of business for anything you need. We'll come to you for our initial consultation, during set up, to train you and your staff or just to pop in to say hello and see how you're doing! We want to build a personal relationship with you and learn about your business so we can help you the best way possible.

And if you're not local we can still help you! We can provide all our support over the phone, ship equipment and supplies directly to you, set up terminals so all you need to do is plug it in and begin using it. You'll get the same great attention to detail as any of our local clients.

New Merchants
It's not uncommon for business owners to report a 100%, 200% or even 300% increase in sales when a credit card merchant account is set up. Our team of merchant account specialists will help find the best solution for your company.

Established Merchants
If you already have a merchant account we can help lower your monthly payment processing and merchant service fees. We will come to your business, or you can visit our office, and we will provide a personalized service that will examine your current credit card transactions, understand your specific business and present a comprehensive analysis that will show you the monthly and annual savings as well as ways to increase your revenue.

If you already own a credit card processing terminal PDX Enterprise Solutions can reprogram your existing equipment and have you taking advantage of our low rates and fees within 24 hours. There is no downtime, no loss of service and you continue to use your own bank - there's no change in the way you do business or get your funds, just more money in your account by using our low cost merchant account! We also offer next day funding for retail merchants. If you swipe the majority of your transactions you'll no longer have to wait 2+ business days - we'll deposit into your bank account the very next business day.

Retail Credit Card Processing Merchants
If you are doing business face to face, accepting credit card processing has become a necessity. Whether you have a store, restaurant or kiosk, PDX Enterprise Solutions can help your business set up a merchant account and accept credit cards for less money than you ever thought possible. Our goal is to build a long term relationship with all our clients and that starts with honest and fair priced services backed by our personalized service.

Online Credit Card Processing Merchants
If you have an Internet store or own a retail e-commerce website, you will need online credit card processing to grow your business. With the help of an online merchant account and credit card payment gateway, you can give your customers the option to purchase goods with the click of the mouse, at any time, day or night.

PDX Enterprise Solutions can provide you with an online merchant account and the ability to do online credit card processing, no matter how small or how large of a website you have. We can also help you design and build your e-commerce website so you can start taking order online without delay.

Your Gateway Options Include:
 e-Processing Network

Wireless Credit Card Processing Merchants
For years the payment options for mobile merchants were limited to either cash or check. Today, wireless credit card machines have given mobile merchants access to the same credit card authorization networks as retail businesses.

This new technology has allowed the benefits of security and additional sales to merchants who previously had to handle cash or take the risk of accepting checks. As a bonus, wireless credit card processing is typically faster than traditional landline processing. And, since wireless terminals work off of the reliable Verizon and AT&T/Cingular networks, merchants can process secure transactions virtually anywhere in the country.

PDX Enterprise Solutions has a complete line of solutions for mobile merchants or any businesses which wants the added flexibility and opportunity wireless credit card processing offers. Whether you own a small pizza delivery shop or a large concert vending service, PDX Enterprise Solutions has a wireless credit card processing and merchant account solution for your business.

MOTO Credit Card Processing Merchants
If you run a mail order business and/or take credit card payments over the telephone, you are participating in, what we call in the industry, MOTO Credit Card Processing. (MOTO = Mail Order Telephone Order). Essentially, this means that you collect credit cards in an environment where the customer and credit card are not physically present at the time of purchase. Another term used for this is card not present credit card processing.

New MOTO credit card processing options are available with a wide range of card processing equipment and software. PDX Enterprise Solutions can help you get the processing solution that's just right for your business.
Let us help you grow your business.

Are you a new merchant needing to accept credit cards at your business, or an established merchant already accepting credit cards? Contact us to get the best rates and best service.

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